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A local creative space in the heart of Kings Heath that welcomes art, performance, workshop space and ideas! The possibilities are endless!

Annnd we are back in the room! The Art Room!

With the changes in rules regarding Coronavirus we will be open again Thursday to Saturday 12 – 5pm.

The building is for everyone in the community to enjoy, but we are asking creatives to get in touch with us to let us know how they would like to use the space. Please email us with your ideas including exhibitions and workshops.

We are working with local groups and setting up partnerships with other organisations – if you want to work with us get in touch.

Currently in the windows!


A lifelong lover of the playful juxtaposition of ideas and objects in mixed media, assemblage, sculpture and performance.


A collection of images and words inspired by the last 12 months. They include writings which were sent, unsent and received by the artist. This work is a reflection of the interchanges heard or received over that time, and explores the tension of offline and online communications.

The words explores the tension that we have all experienced during the pandemic, of having our choices taken away from us, but also examining being forced to rely on alternative methods of communication. The sunsets appear as windows of a towerblock, a symbol of longing, dreams and desires, framed through the ‘windows’ of perhaps one of the most extreme versions of ‘staying at home’ under multiple occupation.

The inequality of experience is laid bare even further in a pandemic. And yet there is hope, humour and creativity coming from the fringes as we try to learn how to unwind our coping mechanisms that we have all had to use for the past year; as we tentatively come out of lockdown.


General Blimey

A digital artist from Birmingham and the Black Country, who documents spaces and where life happens.
There is no strict criteria for subject matter, but there are clear themes. The pride, familiarity, sentimentality and pathos of living in the post industrial landscape of the West Midlands and (occasionally) beyond – well trodden themes but no less valuable for it.