A space for your ideas

A local creative space in the heart of Kings Heath that welcomes art, performance, workshop space and ideas! The possibilities are endless!

We are closed until the end of lockdown… whenever that may be! Hope to see you all in December … err 2021.

The building is for everyone in the community to enjoy, but we are asking creatives to get in touch with us to let us know how they would like to use the space. Please email us with your ideas including exhibitions and workshops.

We are working with local groups and setting up partnerships with other organisations – if you want to work with us get in touch.

Currently in the windows!

Celia Palmer

A visual artist based in Birmingham. Her work is mostly inspired by organic forms in nature, and is expressed through drawing and painting with a variety of mixed media- pencil, pens, inks, acrylics. She hopes to achieve a sense of freedom and flow in her work, using striking marks and a wide spectrum of colour. She is currently collaborating on on-going projects and is open to commissions. She will be exhibiting in the upcoming Ikon for Artists in May.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/celia.palmer/


Kat Bennett

Kat + Camera
Kat has been working with an eclectic mix of photography since late 90s, often merging the various styles and themes together. Starting off with manual cameras for macro, wildlife and creative photography, she went onto work digitally with music photography at gigs and festivals.

Catography is a mix of digital art, photography and promotion. Inspired by a visit to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Maui with her partner, Kat created Catography as a cat photography Business which works around pets, rescue and shelter cats.

On Facebook it’s Kat and Camera or Kat Bennett
Email is Katandcamera@zoho.com
message for prices and phone number.

Instagram – find her under either
Catography1 , Kat and Camera, or realweddingphotos