Henry Howells

My dad was a full time artist and I seemed to spend my childhood being dragged around art galleries. The Ikon and Birmingham Art Gallery were frequent stops. The reward was a trip to Wimpy and the local record shop. Art was the only lesson I really enjoyed at school and I would often spend my lunchtimes in the art room. After leaving school I did my Art Foundation Course in Leamington Spa where I discovered and experimented with sculpture and installation based pieces. I enjoyed the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long, David Nash and other Land artists. I graduated from University with a Fine Art degree in 1995, then didn't pick up paint brush again until 2014 shortly after the death of my dad. During this 19 year 'break', I promoted club nights and played records. I now paint in acrylic, emulsion, spray paint and generally on a larger scale. I would like to get involved with screen printing again if the space and opportunity arose. Im impatient and paint for the enjoyment. Theres no deep meaning or conceptual ideas - I used all those up at University! Im influenced by music, design, typography, Rothko, Basquiat amongst many others things. My Instagram accounts will give you a good idea of what I like visually and aurally. I would like the opportunity to exhibit and get back out there into a environment where I can share these works. Im based in Worcester and am also a part time record collector/dealer.