The Art Rooms Crowdfunder

We need your support! Art Rooms Kings Heath have set up a Crowdfunder page to allow you lovely people to donate to our cause. As a community arts space we have a policy that we do not ask exhibitors or workshop providers to pay a fee to use the space, or ask for a fee for the public to view the exhibitions, but we do of course have overheads to enable the space to function!

We currently have enough funds to support us to the end of November; this is when our current lease ends. We hope to extend the lease after this time, but this will be dependent on the landlord’s requirements for the building. It is our intention that we will obtain a new venue when we are required to move. 

We understand that some people are not in a financial position to be able to contribute, and we do not expect this of anyone as a given. However, if you have enjoyed the facilities and are able to donate, even a small amount, please do so to help us keep the project going. For those not able to contribute financially we are always looking for people to join our team of volunteers.

Click here to visit our Crowdfunder page!


The Art Rooms Project was first conceived in 2018 by Kings Heath Community Interest Company. The initial stages of the project were funded by a grant from Birmingham City Council’s Local Innovation Fund. A call out to local creatives resulted in a well-attended meeting in November 2018 where we gathered ideas for the direction with which the project should take. On the 1st June 2019 we were pleased to announce that we had been able to secure a building to house the first stage of the project. Since then we have received an additional grant from the National Lottery and we are currently in the process of applying for further grand funding, but these things take time.


Through the hard work of around 45 volunteers we repaired the venue, including the leaking roof, and created an accessible space; building various ramps and disabled access features. We opened to the public on 5th July and were fully booked for the first 6 months with events within 2 weeks of opening. These bookings have been everything from circus performance, poetry and print making to sound and conceptual installations, and we even a bath of balls! Over 500 local artists plus arts and community organisations have been in to see us since opening our current space. Countless members of the public have also enjoyed the exhibitions, activities and workshops; by viewing or participating inside the venue or viewing artists work through the high street windows.