Week 11 – Care Share

Being thankful and grateful is really important.

Task 1

Make a list of people around you and what nice things you would like to say to them.)

Task 2 –

Make a gift for someone very special on your list.

  • You could make them their very own journal.
  • Design them a superhero character describing all their brilliant things.
  • Make them a pizza.
  • Make them a gift from week 4’s Gift yourself week.
  • Paint them a picture.
  • Make them a trophy.
  • Design them a medal to wear.
  • Make them some flowers.

Make whatever you think they will like.

Think about how nice it feels when they do something great for you. Can you make something to show them how grateful you are?

If you want to share any pictures, drop me an email!


Week 11 Care share
Week 11 TASK 2

DIY Badges with Roots!

Week 11 Roots-badge-templates