Week 12 – Final reflection


You have finished. This week is all about reflecting on what you have done over the past 12 weeks.

  • Week 1 – You created your journals. How did you feel when they were empty at the beginning? What do they look like now?
  • Week 2  – You created pizzas and pizza shops; how did it feel listing all the things about you for the topping?
  • Week 3  – You made yourself into a superhero. What is your superpower? What is your favourite affirmation?
  • Week 4 – You learned about selfcare. What did you gift yourself? Have you given yourself a gift since?
  • Week 5 – You learned a new skill. What have you learned since then?
  • Week 6 – You painted to music. Which was your favourite?
  • Week 7 – You thought about reflection. What was in your confidence shop?
  • Week 8 – You wrote stories and comics. Have you written anymore since? How do you feel when thinking about emotions?
  • Week 9 – You made yourself Self Care boxes. Is it full of treasure now? Have you used your care coupons?
  • Week 10 – You finished all those sentences. How did you feel finding pictures to represent your answers?
  • Week 11 – You care-shared and made the people around you smile. How did it make you feel?
  • Week 12 – You’re here! What has been your favourite thing?

If you want to share any pictures, drop me an email!


Week 12 Final reflections
Week 12 Make a dream board